Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Electric Fences, Where to Start?

Lets's talk fence chargers and their application.
I can help you to understand the infamous Joule measurement if you like.
I am the owner of Taylor Fence Inc.
My name is Mark Taylor.
I am trying this blog to see if I get any interest in discussing fence chargers and their application.
What information do you need to know to build an electric fence and to pick out the best fence charger for the job?
1. Climate
2. Soil
3. Length of the fence
4. Will the fence be kept clean or will it grow up.
5. How many corners
6. How many gates or drive-throughs
7. What conductor or wire will I use
8. How will I connect the wires or conductors
9. What insulator will I use or will the post be an insulator
10. What am I trying to keep in or out
11. Have the animals ever been in an electric fence
12. How bad to the animals want out or want into the fenced area
13. How many ground rods and how to space them
14. Can I bury the electric fence for a distance